July 19, 2018

Online Home Valuations

There are a lot of different ways to get an online home valuation, however, most are highly inaccurate.  Relying solely on an online resource such as Zillow can provide you with a valuation with an error margin of up to 20%. Sellers want to get an exact value for their home and while online searches can sometimes give you a very wide range of prices, only a live real estate professional can accurately provide that for you.

You can accomplish that with two simple methods:

1) We can do an online evaluation where we screen share our desktop with you and ask you specific questions about any upgrades or improvements that you’ve done in the home.  These are often not considered with online valuation websites.  Once we have all the necessary information to complete the valuation we can help you accurately obtain a specific value on your property using the Realty Property Resource Report.

2) Or, the best assessment is to have us come out and see your home so we can provide you with the most accurate numbers as to what the true value is of your home.  Together with the  Realty Property Resource Report which uses 22 different valuation models that come together to give you a very accurate number.

If you’re looking for an accurate number, call me at Doherty Real Estate Group at 866.338.4677 or visit my website at BestOrangeCountyHomeSearch.com and click on the free home valuation report to give you better understanding of how to obtain the most accurate valuation of your home.

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