August 19, 2018

Seeing your home through the eyes of the Buyer:

Take a look at your house from across the street.  Does it look clean?  Has the landscaping been trimmed, freshened with flowers, and lawn cut?  Is your driveway clean and devoid of any major crack and oil spots?  Is the wood trim in good shape, paint fresh and not peeling, and does it look appealing?  Does the appearance of your home send the right message that promotes maximum curb appeal?  These are important things to take notice on the outside as homeowners frequently overlook these details and tend to focus more on the inside of the home.  It’s the appeal from the outside, that draws the attention of buyers to want to see more inside.    


As you approach the entry does the front door and color make a statement about the house?   The popular selling colors that promote the best curb appeal to buyers is white or a shade of red that compliments the color of the house.  If you have a stained door make sure that it looks new with either a fresh coat of stain or have it oiled to bring out the original luster of the wood grain.  In addition, inspect the condition of the door handles.  The last thing you want a buyer to experience is a sticky, wobbly or cheap feeling door knob or handle when they open the front door.  Does it feel solid and safe?  A less than new door handle could give someone a bad impression of “What other little things and I going to find?” when they enter your home. 


The whole experience from the curb to the front door should have a “spring cleaned” type of feel  for buyers to be excited about coming inside.  Once they enter your home, it’s all about open-ness, lack of clutter and lots of space.  In the next video, we’ll take you into the field with a new client as we discuss with them how to look at their home through the eyes of the buyer; from the curb to the front door.  We’ll also look at the main rooms that can make or break the overall appeal of your home.


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