August 19, 2018

Teaching the Seller Client about Buyer Curb Appeal

Real Live Training with a Seller Client
In our last classroom video we learned How to Make Your Home Sell Faster. Today, we take you into the field with an actual seller client and walk them through how to help sell their home faster by paying close attention to the “drive-by details” and “walk-up details.”  These simple and important steps will help convert the “drive-by’s” to “walk-in’s” to increase the offers on the seller’s home.

0:45 – Assessing buyer curb appeal
1:17 – What the seller sees
1:50 – Making your landscaping pop!
2:55 – Don’t forget the driveway and the side yard
4:23 – Wearing the buyers eyes for the “walk-up” details
6:09 – Making the home a “Certified Pre-owned Home”
6:54 – The front door leads to an amazing first impression

Join us with the client and enjoy the live training.

Thanks and make it a great day!


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